Emulating the OLPC XO on a Mac (OSX)


following the advice of Tutle SVC
on emulating the One Laptop Per Child operating system, here there are the 3 steps for doing it on a mac running osx.

You need to get the OLPC image disk and the VMWare Fusion beta Virtualizer

Here are the 3 steps for emulating OLPC XO on a mac
1.- unzip the olpc image
2.- double click on the olpc.vmx file
3.- there´s no step 3 ….. (it´s a mac)

even tought if you do not feel like installing anything you can just play this screencast of the interface and check the features, as chat, word processor and internet navigation.

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  1. Jim says:

    The VMWare site suggests that the Beta will be released at a later date… So I guess there's nothing to do but sign up for the Beta and wait for it to arrive.

  2. Steven says:

    I think VMware can only work on a Intel Based Mac. Are there any Virtual Machine can work on PowerPC Processor and can load this OLPC Image

  3. tim says:

    > I think VMware can only work on a Intel Based Mac. Are there any Virtual Machine can work on > PowerPC Processor and can load this OLPC Image

    Try qemu.

  4. Jini says:

    Hi folks,

    It seems alright with VMware. What about Parallels?

    I have tried both VM and for me Paralles is better for me.


  5. Robert Monk says:

    I'm looking for the OLPC build image. None of the many links on the web right now seem to go anywhere, including from this blog entry.

    Where'd it go?

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  5. Anonymous says:

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