gatito cam

Nunca te ha pasado que te preguntas “qué hará este gatito cuando no lo veo?”… en eso estaba pensando cuando se cruzó “gato” (mi gato de 4 patas) y se me ocurrió:untitled.jpg

El otro dí­a martin varsavsky me invitó a conocer a mark zuckenberg, el creador de facebook, y en el evento me regalo una fonera 2.0. (clicka el sigue leyendo para ver a mi gato cyborg)

The new fonera is a nice piece of hardware, basically is an AP with a decent processor (I am not very technical..) a nice atheros controller 802.11n compilant with 2 conector for antenna and a serial port, and a nice “almost” open operating system based in DDWRT a linux distribution.

The nice thing about lafonera 2.0 is that it adds a usb port with almost full functionality, so you can add a usb memory stick and share the content with your wireless connection, a hard drive or a webcam….. all that for free!!! (well the fonera 2.0 is right now free to a selected number of beta testers and developers in spain, germany and some other countries, check the webpage to see if you can get one, the fon people are really cool so if you have a nice project I´m sure they will give you one.

Then I started thinking what to do with it,

the small size and all integrated design called for a kind of “portable” device, the power can be supplied with a battery and you have a portable wifi station, but what to do with it?

“Gato” my cat lives outside of my office (he didn´t have an owner so I adopted him) and I wonder what does he does when he´s away.. so …



the wifi ap, fon 2.0 with usb and webcam supportnd



a shitty webcam with out the outer shell (too bulky)

Once I read that most of the things in the space station compile with at least 2 fucntions, so I needed an harness to strap on the cam and I had too much usb cable so I decided to use the extra cable as the harness


two holes


couple of fasteners to keep things in place


battery as power supply

plug in all together

untitled.jpg untitled.jpg

the pictures are crap, because is night and i didn´t want to scare the cat with the flash. and because is night we need to wait until tomorrow to see the webcam

Now lets catch the cat, gato my cat lives outside the office.



strap on and voi´la.



About edgar

Editor en Jefe de Profesor / conferenciante en varias universidades. y Consultor de tendencias e innovación en la intersección entre la arquitectura/diseño, tecnología y difusión desde EGD (Edgar Gonzalez Design). - Es mexicano, arquitecto e iconoclasta de vez en cuando, aunque no necesariamente en ese orden.

28 thoughts on “gatito cam

  1. LLRS

    Primero GRAN HERMANO y ahora? ………………… Aun mas perversos


  2. Silverio

    qué fue del gato????

    algíºn fulano le robó tan bonito collar??? se vé como se lo arrebatan???

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